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In order to ensure optimal protection, it is necessary that system updates are made on a regular basis and not to forget, automated. In this section we describe how you can protect your system against infection. These measures can help you to surf safer on the Internet.

Security Settings Microsoft Windows

In this section you will find instructions on Microsoft Security Settings.

Security Products for Private Individuals

Here you will find a list of security products aimed at private individuals. It is essential that you install an anti-virus scanner. Further security products, including a range of browser plugins, also further increase security for your computer.

Virus Scanner

We differentiate here between freeware and payware versions. In many cases vendors offer a cost-free version as well as a version for purchase. Cost-free or freeware virus scanners are generally adequate. Some cost-free scanners contain advertisements for the payware version, or the payware version offers additional functions. A number of ISPs also offer their customers security solutions. We refer here directly to offers from the respective vendor.

Freeware Virus Scanners

Payware Virus Scanner

Security products for Mac Users

Browser Plugins

Your Browser is your gateway to the Internet and as such it is liable to be attacked. Here we have listed a range of browser plugins which provide your browser with extra functions that increase the security of your computer. You will find detailed descriptions on plugin installation and functionality on their respective sites. All these plugins are cost-free.

Further useful tools

The following programs will help you to protect your computer. They are all freeware with the exception of UpdateStar.

Protection for Mobile Devices

Here we provide a list of freeware and payware anti-virus products for mobile devices.

Business Security Products

Listed below are a number of security solutions for use in the business environment. These products have several features which are necessary for use in such an environment, such as the possibility of centralised administration, special anti-virus software for mail servers, etc.

Firewalls & Broadband Routers

Finally, you should secure your system with a firewall or a broadband router. A firewall, e.g. the built-in Windows firewall, monitors the data stream between networks and filters or blocks on the basis of pre-determined rules, thus protecting against intruders from the Internet. A router, e.g. a DSL router, has a strong advantage in that it separates public from private networks, and usually has its own built-in firewall.

Regarding the security of your computer please consider the following basic rules:

  1. Check your computer for infection.
  2. Install current Service Packs and Security Updates for your system. Activate automatic updates.
  3. Check your internet browser and the embedded plugins (e.g. Java, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime) regularly for Actuality.
  4. Install a virus scanner and update it regularly.
  5. Use a Firewall e.g. Windows built-in Firewall or a Router.

Good to know

Find out what botnets are, the damage they cause, and how they threaten the data on your computer.

Here you can find small programs and tutorials which enable you to remove a botnet infection from your computer.

In this section you will find many tips on how to protect your computer from infection.

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