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Data Privacy - Protection of your Data on

I. General

We, CERT-RO - Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team (later named "CERT-RO"), take the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly uphold the rules of the data protection laws. The following explanation gives you an overview on how we guarantee this protection. We would like to specifically stress to you, as a visitor of our websites or guest of our numerous organisations, what type of data we gather, why we gather this data, how we always determine how best to contact you over the use of your personal data.

II. Visiting

CERT-RO collects and saves data temporarily in its server log files information that your browser leaves behind and which files have been accessed whilst visiting

Examples of the information that we collect and analyze include the Internet protocol address (IP address) which connects your computer with the Internet, information such as computer and connection to the Internet, i.e. Browser type, version and number, operating system and platform.

From our side we neither use Cookies or other techniques which serve to retrace a users access behavior.

III. Your Rights

You have the right always to request further information about the data stored regarding your personal data, who holds it and the purpose of the storage. In addition the right stands for you to demand the cancellation and/or obstruction as well as correction of your data.

IV. Transmission to Third Parties

The data gathered by us is not sold. We transmit the information that we receive between our own organisations. The data protection for these connected businesses is explained below: Connected businesses Connected businesses that are controlled by eco are subject or follow the same guidelines and offer at least the same data protection that is given in this explanation. Protection of eco and third parties We will announce personal data if we are legally obligated to or if such a transmission is required in order to protect our rights and that of a third party. With your consent In all other cases, we will inform you about personal information that is supposed to be transmitted to a third party and give you the possibility to provide us with your consent.

V. Further information and references

Our websites, services as well as initiatives constantly change - just as this data protection explanation and our terms and conditions of use change. We will inform you at certain intervals about the valid guidelines mentioned here. However, you should visit our websites regularly and should take note of any changes. Provided that no other regulations subject to the utilisation of information that we that we have about your data, this data protection explanation prevails. We assure you that significant deviation from our data protection explanation that leads to a weaker protection of already preserved data, will only be carried out with your prior approval.

Your confidence is very important to us. Therefore we would like to always be in communications with you when necessary about the use of your personal data and answer any questions. If you have questions, that this data protection explanation was not able to answer, or if you wish for further information please always refer to our contact section. Please use in your message the following subject: "data protection".

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