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About the project - Anti-Botnet Advisory Centre

The Anti-Botnet-Advisory Centre helps you to remove Botnet Threats from your computer. Additionally we work together with different Internet Service Providers who inform affected customers.

The Anti-Botnet Advisory Centre is a service from CERT-RO - Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team - with support of our members.

Our services can be reached as follows:

Check and Secure
This web service is a free online tool to secure your PC. Based on the results we lead you through a variety of checks step by step.

Our free support forum for fast, individual help for our community.

Our blog with information about PC Security and Internet Security as well as numerous guidelines, including a live chat platform.

We keep in touch with our users through our accounts in the following social networks.

Project participants

Internet Service Provider (ISP) participants and other Partners

The project consists of customer information plus a telephone support hotline. Additionally the project offers numerous guidelines for the removal of malicious software. The telephone hotline also supports customers unable to remove botnets regardless of our instructions.

Principal Partner

CERT-RO - Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team

Further participants to be planned.

Participating Anti-Virus Software Vendors

The EU-Cleaner software on this website was made available by Avira and SurfRight.

The DE-Cleaner System Rescue DVD was made availabe by Avira

Good to know

Find out what botnets are, the damage they cause, and how they threaten the data on your computer.

Here you can find small programs and tutorials which enable you to remove a botnet infection from your computer.

In this section you will find many tips on how to protect your computer from infection.

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